The new industry standard for gravity wastewater distribution.

Quick and easy “Plug and Play” installation

Ready to use for 2 to 6 outputs

Easily upgrade from 2 to 6 outlets using the included locking devices.

Complete with chimney, insulation and cover

The basic unit consists of the SeptiSurge, a 150mm high chimney, an insulating pad and a cover. Additional chimneys are available from our distributors if required.

Performs well despite ground movements

Unique flexible adapters

No holes to cut or drill. No risk of incorrectly inserting the pipes inside. Flexible adapters with clamps allow for a perfect connection of the pipes and offer flexibility in case of soil movement (natural compaction, freeze/thaw) while keeping the outlet rafts perfectly level.

High level of outlet lines during purging

When flushing, the water level in the outlets rises instantly and unlike other distribution devices, this ensures that each outlet receives wastewater even with an imperfect SeptiSurge level.

Passive, robust and fail-safe

More than 15 years of use in harsh conditions

The SeptiSurge has been used for many years in the United States in thousands of installations, particularly in the northern states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Michigan, etc.) with cold, harsh winters comparable to our Canadian conditions.

Composantes simples

The SeptiSurge is robust and the purge valve device is extremely simple which allows for safe operation for the life of the septic system.

No possible failures

The SeptiSurge is designed with an overflow device that allows the internal receptacle to overflow in the event that the purge valve does not operate. Thus in the unlikely event of a failure, the SeptiSurge becomes a standard distribution box.

Compatible with pump to gravity systems

The SeptiSurge can be used in a pump to gravity system.  The flush valve will operate up to 25 USGPM and the SeptiSurge can sustain peak events of 50 USGPM without overflowing.  We recommend transitioning from pressure to gravity at least 1,5 m before the SeptiSurge.

Unique in its ability to distribute wastewater

Use of 100% of the application area

The automatic flush valve generates a flush that ensures lateral and longitudinal distribution of effluent throughout the entire length of the lateral pipes. No other distribution box on the market accomplishes this essential objective.

Prevents clogging and maximizes service life

The SeptiSurge ensures that the soil is not overloaded beyond its infiltration capacity, thus avoiding premature clogging and maximizing the life of the septic installation.

Constant purge at all times

The SeptiSurge is not influenced by flow variations and produces a constant purge regardless of the incoming flow. The purification elements are therefore intermittently fed, which favors better performance.

Unique dynamic purge ensures optimal distribution over the entire application area

Compatible with all types of gravity septic systems

Eliminates the risk of premature clogging caused by poor wastewater distribution and soil overloading

Maximizes the life and performance of the scrubber elements

Maintains optimum distribution over time despite natural soil movements

Negligible impact on septic system costs

Protects designers and installers from risk and recourse in the event of a failed septic system

Can be installed in an existing septic system to improve its life span

Optimum solution for residential and commercial installations