About us

SeptiSurge is a product distributed exclusively by Enviro-STEP Technologies, a Canadian company specialized in the development and distribution of autonomous wastewater treatment products.

Since 2009

After more than 15 years of expertise in the design of residential, commercial and institutional wastewater treatment projects and in the development of wastewater treatment technologies, Mr. Dominic Mercier, engineer, founded the company Enviro Neptune in 2009. Enviro Neptune’s mission was to offer engineering consulting services while investing in the research and development of wastewater treatment technologies exclusively for the on-site sanitation industry.

In 2013, Enviro Neptune was ready to commercialize its products and the company Enviro-STEP Technologies was launched with the mission to offer affordable and efficient on-site wastewater treatment solutions across Canada to improve the quality of life and protect the environment. Today, Enviro-STEP has nearly ten technologies and distributes its products in seven Canadian provinces.


Years Of Experience



Why choose us

Enviro-STEP Technologies’ strengths include:

– The varied offer of technologies combining performance, simplicity and affordable prices.

– The unique expertise of its employees in the field of autonomous sanitation allowing it to formulate recommendations and implement solutions and strategies to serve its customers resulting in a perfect balance between price, performance and simplicity.

– Continuously develop new technologies and improve its products by actively participating in the technological and scientific watch in the field of autonomous sanitation.

Unique expertise in on-site sanitation

Varied and targeted technology offer

Simple, powerful and affordable products

Assistance in design, installation and maintenance

Tested and certified technologies